Writing about the spirit of the times

I am a Full-Stack Developer with a solid background in digital media and extensive project management experience keen to provide solutions matching users’ daily needs.

But this is just part of the story.

Stories rule our life. They make us understand the information that shapes reality, I’ve arrived at my first job in journalism at the same time the Internet did. I saw how digital obliterated the old order. The news industry saw its most valuable asset – the information monopoly – disappear. Stories, however, kept their power, but they are no longer restricted to text or video.

I think nothing can bring an idea into reality better than coding. I read, learn, discuss and plan as I have always done, but now I can add a logic layer that takes the uncertainty away, set goals, put measures. It turns limits into challenges. It allows unsurmountable problems to be broken into addressable issues.

This blog will undoubtedly talk about code, programming and practical aspects of new languages and tendencies. Still, its core is more about the clash between the digital realm and the harsh reality that led humanity to the discomfort that was already evident decades ago. We live by technological discoveries, but quite often we find ourselves eaten by it. Only a fraction of the digital users of the planet sees themselves as part of the problem. This comfortable numb lack of awareness and the conflicts it generates are among the subjects I intend to write about here.

There is a new zeitgeist being formed. We are at the limelight of its unbehagen, the malaises, the sickness it provokes and the rabid anger corroding the institutions everywhere. We must talk about hundreds of things without the delicacy of the political correctness that brought us to the edge of another abyss. No requests, censorship or anything that softens a bit our mechanical, agreeable numbness. 

Nulla dies sine linea, a Latin quote attributed to Pliny, the Elder, has been adopted by brilliant minds along with history, is the exhausting exercise of the discipline is what I believe that captures the essence of things in the darkness where they live. Throwing light on them is a painful duty that, if not done, will bring utter destruction, physical, social, moral and economical.


About the author

My name is Cassiano and I am a Full-Stack Developer. Stories rule our life, even - or especially - when we don't realize it. When I am working, I tell them with code. Here, I tell them in text.